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Saxophone playing in live music venue


Alto Sax

Responsible for arranging most songs Atomic Brass perform, when not playing musical puns in rehearsals. Can be heard playing a version of the melody somewhere in the piece. 

Saxophone playing in live music venue


Tenor Sax

Jamie is a big lover of Jazz and Funk. Jamie's own style incorporates both of these leading to the birth of "Junk". Often found wandering and dancing amongst crowds.

Tuba/Sousaphone Player at a music festival



Tuba player Anthony can often be found repeating the words "I play tuba. I play loud" over and over again like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Tried to "drop the bass" once. It dented the tuba. 

Roaming Drummer at music venue



An excellent drummer in many different musical styles, Cam is responsible for the grooves that make Atomic Brass so unique. Currently joins a new musical project every other week.

Trombone player at music studio



Joe grew up as a traditional brass bander but as he got older he developed an itch for something funkier and more outrageous. Joe joined the band in 2023 ready to fire out some naughty trombone solos.

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