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Interested In Booking Us For Your Big Event?

We strive to bring the party to all our bookings whether it is your wedding day or your annual company charity dinner.

Take a look at our Booking Brochure below to find out what packages and services we offer....


  • How far do you travel?
    Strictly speaking, we’ll go wherever you want us to! Travel expenses may be added to the total cost depending on the length of travel, contact us for a free quote!
  • Can you play '...' for me?
    Yes! We take requests. However, if you want a specific song to be performed you need to let us know at the time of your booking, and at least two months prior to the event itself if at all possible. This allows us to arrange and rehearse your request.
  • How much does the band cost?
    Running and rehearsing a band of professional musicians can be expensive (on our part) and time consuming but there’s no ‘fixed fee’ for a performance as such. The price will depend on where the gig is, how long we’ll be playing for and whole host of other variables. We will never overcharge you for our services and truly believe that our prices are great value for money. Get in touch for a quote.
  • Do you play charity events?
    Get in touch with us and we can discuss your idea in more detail
  • Who does your arrangements?
    We do! All our arrangements are done by one of the members of Atomic Brass, giving a truly unique rendition of classics and favourites alike.
  • Can you play our first dance?
    Of course! We would love to!
  • How much space do you need?
    A 5 piece band does not take up too much space at an event, but we do require enough space to place a drum kit, and a front line of four musicians. We do like to get involved with audiences if space and PA systems allow for it, so don't be surprised to see a saxophone mingling with everyone!
  • Can I book a smaller version of the band?
    Unfortunately not. All our arrangements are written so that each of the 5 members is integral to the overall sound, and we do not perform with backing tracks. Atomic Brass is a truly unqiue band and we do not want to alter and lessen your experience!
  • Can I/my mother/my wife/friend get up and sing with the band?
    Although Atomic Brass have no lead vocalist (one of our unqiue selling points) usually, we prefer not to risk the integrity of a carefully arranged song by bringing on guest performers but in certain circumstances (and with enough notice) we could maybe sort something.
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